Study on the status of street children in Lumbini Province, (2016), Self-initiated by CIN under the Child Protection Program.


Methods: Snowball


  • How many children had found? 164 street children had found in street of Rupandehi, 7 in Palpa and 7 in Arghakhachi, out of 164, 7 were girls in Rupandehi and minor age was 4-year-old and higher was 17.
  • What were the cause of leaving home? the causes of living, working, eating and playing on the road or leaving home were: poverty, domestic violence, polygamy, sexual abuse, hate, discrimination, beating and a few children told the influence of friends.
  • What was the condition of the children during the study? Severe injuries on hands, feet and head, insects in the injuries, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, Dengue, dirty clothes and body, trapped in culat, used to consuming hams, saluson, cigarettes, alcohol, tobacco, involved in activities like stealing and selling kawadi/wastages.