About Us

Women Empowerment

Creative Institute Nepal (CIN) is a local non-profit feminist organization in the Rupandehi District running with the vision of 'a society with social justice, gender equality and prosperity of marginalized communities.'

CIN is dedicated to eradicating violence against women, girls, and LBTIQA+ individuals, with a mission to foster empowerment and societal education that challenges harmful traditions hindering equality and acceptance. Through feminist-oriented advocacy, training, and campaigns, our aim is transformative change, and we collaborate with governments to ensure the effective implementation of gender equality and social inclusion policies. 

Our goals involve sensitizing stakeholders through policy advocacy, fighting gender injustice and social exclusion, and advocating for equal rights for women, children, and sexually minority individuals. We work towards creating safe environments, promoting climate change adaptation, and addressing vulnerabilities faced by young girls, women, the LBTIQA+ community, and children before, during, and after disasters. We provide safe shelter, psychosocial counseling, and empowerment clinics while promoting gender equality and social inclusion through research and capacity-building efforts.

Our objectives center around establishing social justice, security, and dignity for women, girls, LGBITQ, and children. We aim to empower marginalized communities and eradicate gender-based violence, discrimination, and human trafficking while providing support to vulnerable children. Moreover, we act as a bridge between the justice system and those in search of justice, work towards ending child marriage, and educate adolescents on sexual and reproductive health. Our commitment extends to conducting research and advocacy to contribute to gender equality, child protection, holistic empowerment of women and girls, and the transformation of harmful social norms and values that hinder progress on various social issues. Through these comprehensive initiatives, CIN is dedicated to building a more equitable and just society for all.

What We Do

  • Child Right Protection
  • Gender Equality
  • Hygienic & Zero Waste Menstruation Movement 
  • Menopause Awareness 
  • Pro-Bono Psychosocial Counselling
  • Legal Counseling and service to GBV survivors
  • Livelihood development of young women and LBTQA+  (Farm-Off farm)
  • Training Module Development, Training Delivery, IEC/BCC, Policy Review, Research and Writing with GEDSI /CP Perspective 

Our Organization

Legal status of organization:

Date of registration: Jan 8, 1998

Registration Number: 290/054

Registered in: District Administrative Office, Rupandehi

Social Welfare Counsel Affiliation Number: 8015

PAN Number: 603826825

Vision, Mission, Goal & Objectives

Vision: Society with justice, gender equality and prosperity of marginalized community.

Mission: To transform an existing knowledge, attitude, behavior and practice about sexuality and gender, CIN works to empower individual in the society through advocacy, training and campaigning. Additionally, we work together with government for the effective implementation of policies which ensure social justice.

Goal :

  • To aware women and LGBTIQ+ community and sensitize men about gender based violence, empower them to fight against all forms of violence and taboo beliefs to eradicate stereotypes of attitude, behaviors and practice.
  • To sensitize national and local stakeholders through policy advocacy and various program for the establishment of social justice where women, children and sexually minorities people enjoy equal rights, feel gender justice and prosperity.
  • To provide safe shelter and psychosocial counseling service to those girls, women, and children who are in need, conduct empowerment clinic and community work to end vulnerabilities against young girls and children.

Objectives :

  • To establish social justice and social security of Women, LGBITQ and Children.
  • To eliminate gender based violence, human trafficking, discrimination; harassments; stigmatization to women, sexual minorities and children.
  • To provide support to Street and Vulnerable Children (rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration), campaign against Child labor and work to ensure for best interest of children.
  • To support in promoting life skill for vulnerable and GBV survivors by providing financial support to do agro based and off-farm income generating activities for their economic empowerment.
  • To be the bridge between justice system and those women and sexual minorities who are in seek of justice.
  • To help government with its goal of ending child marriage along with it, to educate adolescents about sexual, and reproductive health and rights.
  • To conduct awareness programs on Dignified Menstruation and its hygiene and management.


  • Zero tolerance of all forms of violence and discrimination
  • Gender Equality
  • Empowerment for Self-esteem
  • Children not belongs to street
  • Psychological Resilience for wellbeing
  • Capacity Building
  • Gender justice