About Us

Women Empowerment

Creative Institute Nepal (CIN) is a local non-profit making feminist organization established in January 8, 1998 at Rupandehi district with the aim of Women’s Empowerment, My Body My Rights, Legal Education and Economic Empowerment. At the beginning, her core working areas were Empowering literacy, Legal Literacy and Economic Empowerment and the project was funded by Pact International and The Asia Foundation. Later on CIN added her work with the objectives to prevent violence against women, girls trafficking, and sustainable livelihood program to ensure economic, social and political well-being of women as well as other marginalized group by promoting their access to rights and social justice in their communities. In addition, CIN works for the safe migration, women’s sexual reproductive health rights and agro based livelihood support program which helps to women for defining their self-respect and combating all deficiency.

Since her inception, CIN has been working with women’s village banks and saving-credit cooperatives, Aama Samuha of rural areas of Nepal. CIN has also been working with the poor and marginalized people in rural Nepal to empower them in the process of meeting their basic needs, improving livelihoods and building their own institutions through feminist perspective. It substantially contributes to women’s empowerment and socio-economic and political reconstruction process, by embracing the rights-based approaches to development. CIN is also committed to creating an enabling environment for building a just, equitable, peaceful and prosperous society through social, economic and political empowerment of the rural poor, particularly the poor rural women, young girls and other disadvantaged and socially oppressed people of Nepalese society.

Due to discriminatory power relation between men and women, women have been bearing many forms of violence which made us sad, depressed and very vulnerable to sexual abuse, trafficking, rape, health hazard, and vulnerable work to HIV/AIDS and death in all cycle of lives. But when women have power, they will have zero tolerance against violence and exploitation. CIN believes that human development is driven by empowered women. Therefore CIN will work and put on highest priority on empowering women and girls to become leaders and to ensure that their roles in society and the economy are properly valued and recognized for the social justice.

Our Organization

Legal status of organization:

Date of registration: Jan 8, 1998

Registration Number: 290/054

Registered in: District Administrative Office, Rupandehi

Social Welfare Counsel Affiliation Number: 8015

PAN Number: 603826825

What We Do

  • Child Right Protection
  • Campaigning against Child Marriage/Early Marriage and Girl’s Sexuality
  • Gender Equality
  • Legal Counseling and service to GBV survivors
  • Education support
  • Livelihood development (Farm-Off farm)
  • Health, Psychosocial Counseling and environment protection
  • Research, Capacity Development training Program

Vision, Mission, Goal & Objectives

Vision: Society with justice, gender equality and prosperity of marginalized community.

Mission: To transform an existing knowledge, attitude, behavior and practice about sexuality and gender, CIN works to empower individual in the society through advocacy, training and campaigning. Additionally, we work together with government for the effective implementation of policies which ensure social justice.

Goal :

  • To aware women and LGBTIQ+ community and sensitize men about gender based violence, empower them to fight against all forms of violence and taboo beliefs to eradicate stereotypes of attitude, behaviors and practice.
  • To sensitize national and local stakeholders through policy advocacy and various program for the establishment of social justice where women, children and sexually minorities people enjoy equal rights, feel gender justice and prosperity.
  • To provide safe shelter and psychosocial counseling service to those girls, women, and children who are in need, conduct empowerment clinic and community work to end vulnerabilities against young girls and children.

Objectives :

CIN works,

  • To establish social justice and social security of Women, LGBITQ and Children.
  • To eliminate gender based violence, human trafficking, discrimination; harassments; stigmatization to women, sexual minorities and children.
  • To provide support to Street and Vulnerable Children (rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration), campaign against Child labor and work to ensure for best interest of children.
  • To support in promoting life skill for vulnerable and GBV survivors by providing financial support to do agro based and off-farm income generating activities for their economic empowerment.
  • To be the bridge between justice system and those women and sexual minorities who are in seek of justice.
  • To help government with its goal of ending child marriage along with it, to educate adolescents about sexual, and reproductive health and rights.
  • To conduct awareness programs on Dignified Menstruation and its hygiene and management.


CIN belief on following Seven values

  • Zero tolerance of all forms of violence and discrimination
  • Gender Equality
  • Empowerment for Self-esteem
  • Children not belongs to street
  • Psychological Resilience for wellbeing
  • Capacity Building
  • Gender justice