Rescue, Rehabilitation and Reintegration (RRR)

Rescue, Rehabilitation and Reintegration (RRR)

Since its inception, Creative Institute Nepal (CIN) has been actively engaged in the protection of child rights. Collaborating with National Child Right Council (NCRC), Lumbini Province Government, Butwal Sub Metropolitan City and Tilottama Minucipality, CIN has worked towards establishing a child-friendly municipality and state. Presently, there is a Transit Home situated in Tilottma Municipality catering to particularly those children who are vulnerable, homeless, and orphaned and have been living and working on the streets, as well as those employed in hazardous conditions.

CIN has observed that street children face significant vulnerabilities, engaging in activities such as inhaling dendrite, smoking weed, and using other drugs. Additionally, they resort to begging, theft, and, unfortunately, are subjected to sexual abuse by adult individuals in the street and surrounding areas. To earn a meager income, these children collect recyclable materials like plastic bottles, cardboard, and iron, selling them to collectors. Some even resort to offering sex for money. The funds they obtain are often spent on substances like dendrite and drugs, allowing them to escape hunger, extreme weather conditions, and physical pain. Unfortunately, many street children suffer from serious health issues, including tuberculosis (TB), pneumonia, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, anemia, infections in various body parts, as well as wounds and cuts.

The initiatives undertaken to address the rights and needs of these children encompass rescue operations, psychosocial counseling, meditation, educational support, recreational activities, training, parental education, and skill and livelihood development programs for the economically disadvantaged parents of street children. Additionally, CIN focuses on the reintegration of these children into society. The organization not only provides school education, health services, food, and clothing to those in rehabilitation centers but also aligns its efforts with the Child Rights Convention and Human Rights, emphasizing a rights-based perspective.

With a mission to rehabilitate and reintegrate vulnerable children living and working on the streets, as well as combat child trafficking in the informal entertainment sector, CIN actively seeks support from various organizations. The rescued children placed in rehabilitation centers require essential provisions such as clothing, food, education support, counseling, medicine, and opportunities for sports. Consequently, CIN is proactively seeking funding to provide education and food for vulnerable children and to offer skill training to the economically challenged parents of street children affected by adverse conditions.

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