Menopause is the process of cessation of menstrual cycle Just as menstruation is a natural process, menopause is also natural. But menopause has not been discussed, educated, trained and advocated. So, many women in the age group of 45 to 55 have seen various health problems. Intimate partners and other family members have also committed violence against women during menopause.

That is why we have been doing this program to bring awareness to common people. CIN has been providing psycho social counselling for more than six years and the main clients during this period were the women of 40-45 years. Since it was not really a psycho social issue but it was due to hormonal imbalance as a result of menopause process that was disturbing their psychology. After finding out the main issue of menopause, CIN started working for it. There are 2 harmful consequences of menopause in women. The first one is medications taken for mental symptoms. And the other one is, facing the domestic violence and intimate partner violence during menopause. So, it is a very difficult situation for women during menopause and because of lack of awareness about this process and its effects. With the objectives to prevent the menopause women to take medications for mental disorder, to provide the love, care to those women who are going through and to minimize the domestic violence and intimate partner violence during menopause, this program has been implemented.  

In the first phase, it was implemented in Tilottama municipality, Butwal sub-metropolitan city, Sainamaina municipality. The second phase was implemented focusing 12 wards of Tilottama municipality for 3 years.

Beneficiaries: 922 women of 40-45 years including 216 men