Child protection system of Nepal has been governed by a broad range of laws, rules and policies aimed at preventing and responding to all forms of violence, exploitation and abuse against children.  However, a significant numbers of children are out of this system due to lack of will power of system administrator, poverty, inequality, illiteracy, cultural rigidities, alcoholism, patriarchal mindset, gender based violence and domestic violence.

Many Nepalese orphan children belonging to vulnerable ultra poor house-holds are compelled to be separated from their families and are living in child care homes or on streets and engaging in the worst forms of child labor. In Rupandehi, more than 200 children are on street, about 500 are working as an employee and a large numbers of children are still out of school. Along with this, early child marriage is an ongoing practice in southern part of district for long time.

Activities related to child protection

– Campaigning for child protection and awareness raising (community work)

– Transit home for victims of child marriage and vulnerable children

– Education support

– Advocacy for the community based child protection system (Informal)

– Child Right

Child Protection

Advocacy for community based child protection