CIN has always focused on organic farming system by using women friendly technique and mechanism. Most of the women in rural areas are involved in agriculture. So in order to boost their knowledge of farming with some scientific technologies, CIN has developed an Agro-based livelihood support program that was targeted specially to those women who were survivors of Gender Based Violence(GBV) and trafficking activities. Besides this, the other motive of the program was to empower women with their rights and available privileges that ultimately would uplift the livelihood and economic status of the women. The project was run with  partnership of LTCLRC, Sainamaina  municipality and District Agriculture Development Office.

CIN has always believed that involvement of women in agri-business carries lots of potentials, which can contribute to the prosperity of certain families, village and upto national levels. Under the program, GBV survivor of Rupandehi district were engaged in productive and profitable agri-business activities that helped women with their and their family’s food security and increased household income making them economically independent. With an economic freedom, women were encouraged to step forward to make decisions on their favor within households, and sometimes local levels too. In addition, women’s independency and power relation with men have been increased significantly, by the end of the program.

Key activities of the program were:

  • Formation of agriculture group of women farmers
  • Conduction of training on organic farming, commercial farming and marketing
  • Technical counseling services on organic farming to enquirers
  • Training on homemade pesticides
  • Training on mineral block
  • Training on vegetable farming and goat farming.