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Ending Child Marriage


Ending Child Marriage

Where ever we go, we take campaign with us !

Led by our field motivators, a group of girls embarked on a field trip to BanBatika in Tilottama, Rupandehi. During the trip, the girls had the opportunity to share their experiences, accomplishments, and the challenges they encounter in their community. As an important part of the event, they brought along empowering slogans advocating for an end to child marriage.

We firmly believe that girls deserve so much more than being sent away to a stranger's home, expected to toil away their lives. Girls possess immense creativity, technical acumen, and a plethora of skills. All they require is an enabling environment where they can truly flourish.

As an organization, we are committed to working tirelessly, putting in more effort each day, to create a nurturing and supportive environment. Our ultimate aim is to build a society, family, and country where girls can reach their fullest potential and lead fulfilling lives.

During this outing, Ms. Pratima Panthee, the Program and Managing Director of CIN, shared her inspiring perspective on the tremendous achievements women can attain. She shed light on the unfortunate underestimation of girls by society and their own families. Ms. Rinku Wagle also actively participated in engaging the girls, encouraging them to openly discuss love, affection, and their needs, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful planning for their future. She highlighted how these aspects can significantly impact their lives if not carefully considered and managed.

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