10 days of capacity building training

Capacity Building of "Feminist Dabali" members

Capacity Building of "Feminist Dabali" members

Creative Institute Nepal (CIN) stands as a beacon of change in Nepal, embodying the principles of non-binary, women-led feminism. As a dedicated grassroots organization with extensive experience, CIN confronts the prevailing challenges faced by women and nonbinary individuals at both community and national levels. Despite strides towards gender equality in Nepal's constitution, the existing laws and policies remain ambiguous and influenced by bias. CIN's mission is to establish comprehensive equality across all strata of society, necessitating a robust documentation framework and a cadre of proficient individuals harnessing the power of feminist ideals within our societal fabric. With a formidable track record in addressing gender-related issues, CIN has directly impacted over 20,000 girls, women, and members of the LBTIQA community, catalyzing transformative change in their lives. By fostering a shift from detrimental social norms to the bedrock of gender parity and justice, the institute showcases exemplar practices that have ripple effects beyond its confines. The present imperative lies in empowering women to fortify activism and catalyze movements, enabling these advocates to resoundingly champion their own rights, as well as those of fellow women and LBT individuals.

In recent local elections, a disheartening trend emerged as women refrained from stepping forward as candidates against their male counterparts. This can be attributed to a scarcity of support, knowledge, capacity, and determination. It is this void that CIN endeavors to fill through its targeted training initiatives. The lacuna in society for women's personal spaces finds remedy through CIN's "Feminist Dabali," an exclusive haven where women converge to share knowledge, ideas, and emotions spanning the spectrum from individual experiences to broader social and political dynamics. This notion resonates with the sentiment shared by Carol Hanisch in 1969, that the "Private is Political," a particularly salient concept for women. As we delve deeper into this report, the myriad facets of Creative Institute Nepal's endeavors will unfold, revealing a tapestry of resilience, empowerment, and advocacy that threads through the very fabric of Nepalese society. 

From August 15th to August 24th, 2023, Creative Institute Nepal (CIN) orchestrated a comprehensive 10-day training at Hotel Western Asian Pvt. Ltd. in Yogikuti, Rupandehi, Lumbini, Nepal. The training brought together 15 participants and 2 skilled facilitators, amassing a total of 17 vibrant individuals under its enlightening digital banner being environment friendly. Among the participants, 9 identified as heterosexual, while 8 identified as non-binary, reflecting a diverse and inclusive spectrum of gender identities. This harmonious assembly emerged from a variety of backgrounds, with representation from 4 municipalities and 4 distinct ethnicities. This intersectional gathering spanned an age range from 16 to 45 years old, encompassing a rich tapestry of experiences. The training embraced multifaceted diversity, with one participant representing the physically disabled community, another as a widow, one hailing from the Muslim community, and another representing the Dalit community. Such inclusivity underscored the commitment to a holistic exploration of perspectives. The training's core objective centered on enhancing the capacities of "Feminist Dabali" members, the visionary sister organization of Creative Institute Nepal (CIN). The overarching mission envisioned by this organization is to catalyze transformative change through a resolute Feminist Perspective. Spanning the course of 10 days, the training comprised a rich and diverse curriculum, woven together through engaging sessions and topics. Guided by the expertise of Ms. Pratima Sharma and Ms. Pratima Panthee, the participants embarked on a journey of discovery, reflection, and empowerment. The 10-day training encapsulated the essence of empowerment, diversity, and transformation, demonstrating Creative Institute Nepal's commitment to fostering a society imbued with the values of feminism and equity.

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