Freedom kit bags (FKBs) are the bags full with Menstrual management kits. These kits are Nepal made, environment friendly, washable, reusable, and chemical free which protect women's dignity and health.  In partnership with FKB UK, CIN has been producing and distributing Freedom Kit Bags for pro-poor, vulnerable and marginalized women, girls and transgender men (TGM). CIN has her own sewing room in Tilottama Municipality-9, Mangalapur and women are working/producing kit bags there.

 CIN has the one day training package that includes introduction of menstruation, harmful practices, menstrual management technique, menopause manageent knowledge and skill, psycho education, sex education, women's rights, choice and voice and the distribution of freedom kit bags. CIN has also been involving to men/boys in this training to make them responsible in menstruation and menopause management.

CIN has also been providing Freedom Kit Bag production training to create employment for women in village to village.  This helps to increase the access of other women in the village to environmentally friendly, cheap, easy and healthy menstrual management materials, to keep the environment clean, to stay healthy and to be safe from harmful practices.

The objectives of the program are, to reduce the physical and mental health problems caused by the harmful practices during menstruation, environmental pollution and economic decay as well as sexual and sexual violence against girls and women at this time; and aware the community to accept menstruation as a respected natural process.

Scope of work: Special focus of program is in Rupandehi district and partially it is also implemented in other district of Lumbini province.

Beneficiaries:  at least 5160 women and girls from economically poor, marginalized and ethnic groups, madhesi, mixed groups. In addition to this, men/boys engagement in awareness program has also been focused.