Water And Sanitation and Hygiene

CIN Nepal works with adolescents and women groups to improve the WASH in community. In the WASH program, so far, 281 women (with the support of NEFUM) and 370 adolescents (with the support of Sainamaina Municipality and Butwal sub metropolitan) were trained and sensitized about drinking water, sanitation and menstruation hygiene.  In addition, 40 water filter, and 507 sanitary pads were distributed.

Advocacy for the community based child protection system (Informal)

Community actors can play an instrumental role in child protection system in their local community as following:

  • Raising awareness on issues, laws and services related to child protection
  • Influencing social practices and behavior through workshop, meeting and training
  • Detecting and receiving reports of vulnerable children and data management
  • Deciding actions to be taken, including referrals as per the needs of individual children because the needs of individual must be difference
  • Bridging gaps between communities and the formal system: report crimes, access to social services; follow up responses from the justice system.

CIN worked 54 children who were living and working on the streets and 44 children were reintegrated with family and 10 are living in rehabilitation home.

Women’s Village Bank and Saving Credit Cooperative

CIN has made 40 women’s village Bank of 1090 women in 6 VDCs of Rupandehi district in 1998 to 2003 with the support of Pact International and The Asia Foundation (WEP). WEP was funded by USAID. There were 3 components like: 1. Empowering Literacy  2. Legal education 3. Women’s village bank.  Later on, the village Bank have registered as women’s Cooperative.