Psycho-social Counseling (PSC) and Psychological First Aid (PFA)

CIN works for psychosocial interventions (PSIs) with GBV survivors, people living with HIV/AIDS, STIs, migrant workers who are in foreign employment and disaster survivors when and where people need it. CIN does distance counseling with migrant workers to reduce their loneliness, depression, stress and the rate of suicide that is happening in foreign country as well as in hometown caused loneliness, depression and GBV. PSIs is a group of non-pharmacological therapeutic interventions which address the psychological problem, social issues, personal problem and interpersonal relationship problems associated with mental health disorders. PSIs address both the primary symptoms of the mental health problem and the secondary experiences which arise as a consequence of the mental health problem; as such PSIs are a person-based intervention rather than only symptom-based treatment. CIN has been working on this issue to prevent suicide, to empower women, young people and children. During the work, if necessary, CIN provides referral service to clients as per their need and interest. CIN also provides basic psychosocial training to social mobilizors and they are working with community as bear foot counselors. In addition, CIN provides Psychological First Aid (PFA) training to leader of women groups and young feminist of a district network. The activities under this action are as follows:

  • Psychosocial counseling to survivors and vulnerable women, girls, children and migrant workers who are in abroad
  • Referral service
  • Psychological First Aid (PFA) service
  • Training on Psychological First Aid (PFA) and Psychosocial counseling