Education and Health Support to Orphan Children

Orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Nepal generally have lower rates of enrollment, attendance, and school performance than non-orphaned and less vulnerable children. In fact that, half the OVC enrolled at the end of primary school do not continue to the secondary level. The low transition rate into secondary schools is partially a result of caregivers not being able to afford to pay for a child’s education. Secondary schools are rarely free and students must pay for tuition as well as books, uniforms, examination fees, and other school-related expenditures.

One current intervention aimed at improving school attendance and performance is to grant cash to the child’s caregivers or a scholarship to the individual child to cover educational costs. Another way to support OVC education is to provide “block grants” to affected schools so that they can waive tuition for OVC and implement school-based programs to assist them.  10 years long conflict, GBV, Rape, Earthquake, and other natural disaster have been increasing OVC day by day. And OVC (under 14 aged) are in vulnerable work for food to live. In this situation, CIN has initiated to raise fund from each Nepali and foreigner people as well as organization to secure their lives, education, and health.