Volunteering work is a process to get full satisfaction in your life. This is a golden opportunity to have rich experience, to learn from cross-cultural society and to serve in community/school/library/organic farming and GBV sectors that give you a worth full recognition.

Both Nepali and foreigners can apply for volunteering. We will provide space to volunteer in psychosocial counseling, training, teaching, social mobilization, farming and fundraising activities.

You will gain rich experiences from our community especially you may learn Nepali culture, ritual practice, living style that will be helpful in your study. You will have rich adventure with us in the issues of children, women, girls and ethnicity cast. If you have innovative idea for the community development, youth mobilization with significant causes we provide you a forum and platform to use your idea, skill and knowledge. Once you complete your volunteering work you will be recognized from our organization and local government that definitely makes sense in your future life.

You can spend your time with fabulous learning. If you want to donate something needful goods or efforts or fee or fund, you can do it with us/communities.

As it is volunteering work, you can pay voluntarily. We do not force to pay.

It depends on your VISA. We encourage you to stay at least one week with us but not limited to.

As much as you need and as much as you like, you can work with us.