Protecting Women Human Rights

Women's Village Bank (1)

Although, we work for Women Human Rights and share equal responsibility for human rights work too, women face a higher level of risk compared to male. Women suffer from the wider patriarchal values. We together with feminist network have been working proactively for the prevention of VAW. Female community health workers, group leaders and young female journalist play a major role in providing care and information on VAW including reproductive and sexual health and rights. As these rights are considered a taboo, these women as well as other human right defenders who advocate for these rights get constantly threatened, harassed and abused. This needs to be acknowledged with proper support mechanism by the State. To effectively provide protection and security to the feminist leader, security guideline and policies need to be implemented. For this, our feminist network have been working proactively through publication of stories, article, training, workshop and advocacy campaign as well as 16 days activism and March 8 campaign.

  • Development of feminist network
  • Empowering activities with single women
  • Capacity building training to young female journalist
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